Unicorn Ignite Intelli Tags (100 pack)

Unicorn Ignite Intelli Tags (100 pack)

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Unicorn Ignite Intelli Tags are to RFID Tag personal items/assets such as vehicles, furniture, clothing, storage containers, electronic devices, electrical appliances, etc.


It is used for:

1. Inventory tagging

2. Geolocation (via GPS signals)

3. Parent & Child Tagging

4. Integrates with Unicorn Ignite Dashboard Console App to monitor all inventory & stock in/stock out levels


Available from April 2018. Preorder now for USD 39 per year on Indiegogo at http://igg.me/at/unicornignite.


Also available as part of a Unicorn Ignite Bundle Package which includes everything in the UI Ecosystem (USD 999).


    The IntelliTags are powered by RFID technology which enables tracking of your clothes, furniture, electronic devices, books, containers, storage and many more items in your home or office. This works hand in hand with the UI Dashboard which will update your item's location and inventory levels.


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