Unicorn Ignite Intelli Container

Unicorn Ignite Intelli Container

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The Unicorn Ignite Intelli Container integrates with the Unicorn Ignite App and alerts the user when items need replenishment or triggers an auto replenishment request. With LED light at the base, it lights up when it needs the attention from the user (low inventory, reaching expiration date, contamination). 


It is used:

1. Track dry & liquid items kept in the container

2. Has an inbuilt measuring sensor which indicates container levels

3. A sensor for location

4. A expiration date meter


Available from April 2018. Preorder now for USD 45 on Indiegogo at http://igg.me/at/unicornignite.


Also available as part of a Unicorn Ignite Bundle Package which includes everything in the UI Ecosystem (USD 999).





    The IntelliContainer has the capability of alerting you when the inventory levels of your items are running low or expired. It will update you intelligently with its internal sensors. Always know what you have in your fridge or pantry with the IntelliContainer.


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