Unicorn Ignite App

Unicorn Ignite App

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Manage your daily life with the Unicorn Ignite App, accessible from your Mobile, Tablet,TV, Touch Screen or  Automobile Dashboard Display.


Gain Access (1 year) to the UNICORN IGNITE APP to manage your personal inventory, to do lists, shopping lists, monitor budgets & expenses, track dream goals and daily planner. 



1. To Do List

2. Goals

3. Budgets

4. Assets

5. Liabilities

6. Bank Balances

7. Insurance Policies

8. Personal Inventory 

9. Favourite Items

10. Calendar

11. Shopping List

Get Alerts:

1. Appointments from Calendar 

2. Task Schedules

3. Inventory

4. Replenishment

5. Reminders

6. Security Issues

7. SMART Accessories


Get Access to:

1. Product & Service Recommendations

2. Latest News

3. Trending Now


Available from April 2018. Preorder now for USD 39 per year on Indiegogo at http://igg.me/at/unicornignite.


Also available as part of a Unicorn Ignite Bundle Package which includes everything in the UI Ecosystem (USD 999).


    The UNICORN IGNITE Dashboard Console is designed to be a control panel for all the products within the UNICORN IGNITE EcoSystem. The console can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet, computer, TV, projected touchscreen or automobile display units. It functions like a AI personal assistant, prompted by voice or touch commands. We are developing an option for you to personalise & customise your UNICORN IGNITE with any name you choose and any voice you prefer (with some setting up steps). For example: Your UNICORN IGNITE could be named after your mom's name and have her voice as the one that responds to your queries.  To trigger a response from your UNICORN IGNITE enabled device, just mention the name you have chosen or 'Hello, UNICORN !' .  UNICORN IGNITE has been developed to give you the best possible response. 


    The UNICORN IGNITE is not only a AI personal assistant but it is also an interactive dashboard to manage your life : Have quick glance instant access to your to do calendar, wish list, shopping list, personal inventory,auto replenishment, schedule, budgets, plans and goals.  After setting up your UNICORN IGNITE, it will be a one step option to reorder groceries, clothing, products and services from your console. You can also opt to auto replenish recurring purchases on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis that you have listed in your UNICORN IGNITE fave list which will prompt a delivery to you.


    This is an app. We do not accept any returns or refunds after the app software has been downloaded. For any customer enquiries, contact us at hello@checkitoutworldwide.co.


    This item cannot be shipped. It is downloaded from our website or Android/Apple App Store.

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